Month: November 2011

How to Apply to UTLS REO [VIDEO]


REO Brokers and Agents learn how to apply for an REO account. Join our circle of REO Network Buddies and learn how to boost your visibility in the REO market you serve. Free UTLS REO application when you Network with us. Free to all Brokers & Agents (outside my coverage area) and always will be. Watch video for fun details or click here for additional info…


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Prices Will Continue to Fall in 2012

The media keeps telling everyone that the worst is almost over. On August 15, 2011, I wrote about another Double-Dip Underway. Another one is coming. In the second quarter of 2011, single-family home prices fell 5.9 percent on an annual…

624-Day Foreclosure Timeline

How long is the foreclosure process taking?? Say one stops making payments on their mortgage, does it take 6 months to be foreclosed on? No, it is now taking up to 624 days. That 624-day foreclosure timeline is the national…