REO AGENTS: Remove Bank Owned Signs

ATTENTION REO AGENTS: Due to recent increases in trespassing on vacant properties by squatters across the United States, Bank of America REO agents must take additional precautions on all Bank of America REO properties.

To discourage trespassing, squatting and vandalism, effective immediately, Bank of America prohibits the use of signs or sign riders that include, but are not limited to, the following words and phrases:


Bank Owned



Note: This prohibition is strictly for large signs and does not include notices or postings on the actual properties. Examples of notices that must remain on the property are Vacancy Postings, Post & Store notices, property registrations, violations and any other required notices.

DO NOT post any sign that suggests a property is vacant and/or owned by someone other than an individual. Bank of America is sending out property inspectors to ensure you are in compliance with this directive. To avoid negatively impacting your personalized REO scorecard, please be sure you comply with this order immediately.

For more news and information, visit the Bank of America Agent Resource Center at Be sure to read: Bank of America REO Holiday Moratorium 2011.

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