How to Make a Fannie Mae Offer

Fannie Mae REO agents no longer input offers for Fannie Mae in order to avoid mortgage fraud whether perpetrated by  borrower, a lender, or another person or institution. Read more on Agent fraud. Click [HERE]. Do not send your buyer’s offer to the listing agent. Brokers: please inform your agents of this new process.

Fannie Mae has directed that all offers must be made online in Go to, search for the property details, and click the ‘Make Offer’ button to submit an offer.

– Download a step-by-step guide

– You must register with HomePath to take advantage of Online Offer functionality. If you are new to Online Offer, Register Now by clicking [HERE]. If you are already registered for Online Offer, you can simply Log In.

Learn how to become a Fannie Mae Agent. Watch video below…


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