Bank of America provides guides and materials to help its REO agents navigate the REO process according to Bank of America standards. These standards apply to ALL Bank of America REO properties, including outsourced properties.

In the REO APPLICATION tab above, we have uploaded a PDF “Understanding the BAC BPO” education guide.

After reading the guide, you should understand the following:

  1. What BPOs Are Used For
  2. Why BPOs Are Important
  3. Different Types of BPOs
  4. The BPO Form

NOTE: The guide ends with “Please do not leave the comment section blank!” A very important section of a BPO. Watch the video below for details…

To access the REO APPLICATION FORMS you will need your poncie.com Network password. Do not have one? Enter your email in the “Subscribe Here” box (top right) and request a password. It’s free for Real Estate Brokers/Agents and always will be.

NOTE: Please allow up to 24 hours for a REO Application Network PASSWORD via email. Be patient


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