New BofA Outsourcer: NDS

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BAC Outsource NDSREO NEWS! Many of our REO Network friends & I have received Bank of America REO assignments via National Default Services (NDS). Many of the Integrated Asset Services (IAS) assets were transferred to NDS. Whether NDS is accepting new agents or not, if you are qualified, you should apply. Agents and vendors can apply. Click link below for REO application link. If you are a BofA preferred agent, be sure to let them know. Also, Zillow has 11,366,594 monthly unique visitors. Create your FREE REO profile at Zillow [CLICK HERE].

According to DSNEWS, who spoke to Daren Blomquist, VP of, there is still a lot of foreclosures that need to be dealt with. Blomquist does not believe banks are deliberately holding off inventory, but are cautious about making sure the cross their “T’s” and dot their “i’s”. “This so called shadow inventory never hit full force, so now I think we’re at a point where the pendulum has swung completely the other way and the housing market needs more inventory, so 2013 would be a serendipitous time for banks to release that inventory,” he said. Blomquist said, “because of the severe lack of inventory available for sale, foreclosures could actually fill that inventory and provide more fuel to the fire that’s been slowly building over the past year as more sales occur.” Read the full story [here].


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