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five+fingersOutside of HUD, the REO world is a rapidly shrinking business. The market is shifting and its time to transition to something else with growth prospects. As you prospect for Short Sales, Traditional Sales & Investor Sales, know that REO Sales are a bonus.

According to PropertyRadar , REO Sales are likely to increase in June/July 2013. CHASE REO Sales were back on track at the end of May, according to the firm. “We expect foreclosure sales to pick up in June as banks incorporate the new standards,” PropertyRadar said in its May report. Note that in California, REO sales from Citi and Wells Fargo were down 50-75% over the month of May. REO sales in general decreased in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon & Washington. Oregon, having the greatest decline over the month. [READ MORE]

CHASE REO however, has been releasing assets through outsourcers. CHASE REO rarely lists properties directly with brokers. Although sometimes they do. Our friend Ed Tobey, Duesler Realty House just received a Chase asset direct in Fort Wayne, IN. CHASE uses (6) outsourcer companies who market CHASE properties. CHASE brokers or agents have a contractual relationship with the third party firm, not CHASE direct. If you haven’t signed up with the outsourcers, now is your chance. We have released 4 Chase outsource companies, here is the 5th. The fifth outsourcer is NRT REO Experts. Sign up details below:


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  1. Chase outsource Company #4
  2. Chase outsource Company #3
  3. Chase outsource Company #2
  4. Chase outsource Company #1

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