Precision Asset Management Joins Chase REO

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chase-reo.jpgPrecision Asset Management is the final Chase outsource company.

The REO world is quickly shrinking. There is REO activity but not enough to make REOs your primary form of business. If you receive an REO or a Short Sale referral, count it as a bonus. Your primary focus should be traditional Real Estate. With that in mind, CHASE uses (6) out-sourcer companies (There were 7 but New Vista backed out), who market CHASE properties. I haven’t heard of Chase direct accepting new applications for REO Brokers. However, some of Chase’s outsourcers are. Apply with Chase’s outsource REO partners. Contact their outsource asset management companies directly to inquire about becoming one of their preferred agents.

Learn more about the six outsource companies for Chase.


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NOTE: Keep in mind that we too sell Real Estate and our network only shares REO/Short Sale news. We do not guarantee listings, we do not charge, nor do we ever sell your information. We offer you an open lead, it’s ultimately up to you to follow up and get the business.

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