red front door1. CREATE A HAPPY FRONT DOOR: Make the walk to your front door a delightful experience. Add details that draw potential buyers to the front door. Add a welcome mat and flowers. Consider painting the front door a shade of red to attract positive energy. Make sure the doorbell and outdoor lights work. Wash the front windows. Avoid thorny plants and cobwebs. Make your front door the best looking front door on the block.



leak fix

2. FIX THE LEAKS: Leaking water is equivalent to leaking money. Fix all leaks around the house so that money stays with you and you end up selling your house for a higher price.




clutter3. USE A ROOM FOR IT’S FUNCTION: When buyers see a treadmill in the bedroom, a computer on the kitchen counter, or a bike in the hallway, it may appear that the house doesn’t seem to have enough room for all the necessary functions. Match the items in a room to match the room’s function.



bad curb appeal4. MANAGE OUTDOOR PLANTS: Remove excess debris & dead plants which block positive energy. Doing so may sell your house faster.




furniture rearrange5. REARRANGE FURNITURE: Place furniture in a commanding position. Don’t have your back to a window when you’re on a couch, chair or bed. Avoid placing a desk that faces a wall. Try different things for different rooms. Your back & head should always be protected.




open windows6. KEEP THE ENERGY FLOWING: Make sure all doors & windows are in good working order to encourage positive energy flow.  All doors (including closets) should open freely with nothing blocking their way.  Open curtains and blinds before a showing to invite energy into the home.




traditional-entry7. KEEP BUYERS ATTENTION INSIDE: The more you can keep the buyers attention inside the house the better energy and greater likeability you are creating. Create a bold, dramatic design statement inside the home. Give the buyer a big WOW view upon entering the front door.



red-fire-decor8. THE POWER OF RED: Homes lacking a fire element may be more difficult to sell. This problem can be addressed with a quick fix of adding red or hot orange colors where appropriate.  Place a vase of red flowers on the counter, or toss a few red throw pillows on the couch or bed if the décor allows. A bowl of red apples is another easy solution. Try adding a few splashes of red here and there, and see what it can do for your next listing.


SOURCE: Karen Rauch Carter, Realtors Conference & Expo.



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