(04/01/18) 5th Annual Easter Football 2018

Rotation Football: Players: Paul, Poncie, Albert, Andy, Michael, Wayne



(11/23/17) 5th Annual Thanksgiving Football 2017

Team Paul: Mathew, John, Jon, Steven, Eric, PK, Paul, Cameron, Alex

Team Poncie: Adam, Ryan, Wayne, Mike, Michael, Ivan, Jason, Poncie, Andy, Adrian

Featuring Music by Andradece:



(07/04/17) 4th of July Family Football 2017

Team Cook: Nickales, Austin, Cook, Syndy, Jorge & Alex
Team Poncie: Andy, Orion, Poncie, Elijah, Ivan


(06/11/17) Downey Flag Football 2017

Featuring Andy & PK


(04/16/17) 4th Annual Easter Football Game 2017

Team Poncie: John, Poncie, Bernard, Andy, Michael, PK
Team Paul: Carter, Cameron, Paul, Ryan, Wayne, Jon


(12/26/16) 1st Annual Christmas Football Game 2016

Team Poncie: Chris W, Poncie, Eric, Albert, Wayne, Steven, Adrian
Team Paul: Johnny, Adam, Jon, Paul, Ryan, Andy, Michael

(11/24/16) 4th Annual Thanksgiving Football Game 2016

Team Poncie: Johnny, Mikey, Andrew, Chris W, Jon, Poncie, PK & Christian
Team Paul: Andy, Michael, Alex, Eric, Ryan, Paul, Lil Wayne, John


(03/27/16) 3rd Annual Easter Football Game 2016

Team Poncie: Lil Wayne, Poncie, Chris, Andrew, Alex, Marteen, Andy, Jon
Team Paul: Greg, Armando, Ryan, Paul, Eric, Mikey, Adrian, Noel

(12/24/15) 3rd Annual Family Holiday Bowl 2015

Team Poncie: Andy, Steven, Poncie, Wayne, Andrew & Albert A
Team Albert: Albert Jr, Raymond, Albert Sr, Eric, Bernard, Adrian & Mikey

poncieARTwork banner


(04/25/15) Easter REMATCH (Genesis Birthday) 2015

Team Poncie: Andy, Drew, Alex, Richard & Michael
Team Paul: Steven, Marteen, Eric, Albert, Adrian


(04/05/15) 2nd Annual Easter Football Game 2015

Team Poncie: Andy, Marteen, Andres
Team Paul: Michael, Steven Eric, Lil Juan


(03/28/15) Lodi Football Game (Austin/Syndy Engagement) 2015

Team Poncie: Cook, Andy, Steven, Danny/Austin & Elijah
Team Veng: Ivan, Jesse, Jojo, Scotty, Josh


(11/27/14) 2nd Annual Turkey Bowl 2014

Team Poncie: Cook, Andy, Steven, Danny/Austin & Elijah
Team Paul: Andrew, Adrian, Chase & Mikey


(07/19/14) Andy Birthday Football Game 2014

Team Andy: Alex, Andy, Steven, Michael & Albert

Team Adrian: Chase, Adrian, Javi, Poncie & Danny


(05/25/14) Mikey’s Grad Football Game 2014

Team Britton: Isabella, Eric, Paul, Eli, Andy, Poncie

Team Mikey: Mikey, Andrew, WR Red, WR Blue, Ivan


(05/25/14) Mother’s Day Football Game 2014

Team Paul: Alex, Paul, Eric

Team Poncie: Andy, Poncie, Logan


(04/20/14) 1st Annual Easter Football Game 2014

Team Poncie: Ivan, Marteen, Poncie, Albert, Andy

Team Paul: Jesse, Paul, Stephen, Steven, Adrian

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(11/28/13) 1st Annual Turkey Bowl 2013

Team Andy/Michael: Andy, Angelo, Michael, Dusty, Troy, Donovan, Frank

Team Ezekiel/Steven: Alec, Ezekiel, Steven, Cross, Obey


(11/02/13) Backyard Enoch High Football game 2013

Team Andy/Dusty: Andy, Dusty, Enrique, Ezekiel, 

Team Angelo/Dylon: Dylon, Angelo, Alex, Josh, Izzy, Troy


(09/22/13) Backyard Enoch High Football game 2013

Team Freaky: Ezekiel, Angelo, Dylan, Malachi, Steven 

Team SPGN: Albert, Michael, Devonte, Dusty, Andy

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