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(09/06/13) Flagstar REO Outsourced [VIDEO]

(08/29/13) Become A Nationstar Listing Agent [VIDEO]

(08/22/13) How We Keep Getting REO’s [VIDEO]

(08/15/13) Does Fannie Mae assign listing agents to short sales?

(08/08/13) New Chase Out-Source List as of August 2013

(08/02/13) First Preston HT REO Listing Opportunity in the Following Cities

(07/25/13) Fannie Mae REO Listing Agent Opportunity in the Following Cities

(07/17/13) REO Brokers, Appraisers & Repair Vendors: Fannie Mae Registration

(07/09/13) If you are in the following states, sign-up with Precision Asset Mgmt

(07/01/13) Precision Asset Management Joins Chase REO

(06/24/13) Nationstar – BofA REO/Short Sales Are Coming

(06/17/13) CHASE REO Sales Are Back

(06/10/13) Should I Spend Money On REO Conferences? [VIDEO]

(06/03/13) CHASE Outsource List: Company #4

 (05/28/13) New Vista Exits the REO Business

(05/23/13) [REPLAY] BofA REO Agent Webinar

(05/16/13) LPS Asset Mgmt Drops REOs

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